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Charlotte Tantra

Welcome to the leading center for Tantra in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to Tantra training for both individuals and couples, our staff provides the best Tantra Charlotte NC has to offer!

Charlotte Tantra

Welcome to Charlotte, NC.

 Tantra is an ancient Buddhist practice, for many folks Tantra is a very new idea. Tantra began in Asia thousands of years ago.  In Sanskrit, “tan” means “expansion” while “tra” translates as “liberation”.  True to these roots, Tantra  can be described as a physical and spiritual practice that expands and liberates us.

Why?   Spiritual Awakening

One of the greatest benefits of the practitioners have found is spiritual awakening.  Allowing and truly experiencing the energy that pulses within each of us enables us to connect with that which is greater. 

Humans are by nature sexual beings. Our society, however, has sought to repress this undeniable truth, resulting in troubled, internally fragmented individuals and couples. It is our animal instincts to procreate.  Tantra teaches us to how to slow down, worship the entire body and truly connect with ourselves and our partners.

The energy that courses through all of us is extremely powerful. When blocked it causes immense stress, but when properly released and channeled it offers unparalleled happiness, power, and creativity.

Mostly all of our clients experience a more intense release of energy, they leave our office feeling refreshed and energized. Tantra unifies, focuses, and channels our energy through our bodies, in a physical and spiritual sense. 

Charlotte Tantra: Powerful Relationships

In Tantra, the relationship between partners is treated as sacred. It is honored, celebrated and nurtured. In our culture we are often so rushed and caught up in our own lives that we ignore the amazing beauty of those around us. We teach techniques to powerfully connect with others, both spiritually and physically.

Our society has a divorce rate of over 50%, largely because we have forgotten how to honor each other. We take our time to listen to your goals when visiting our estabishment and offer an alternative to loss of passion, loss of respect, and – eventually – separation. Tantra provides an amazing path to empower our relationships once again.