History of Tantra

If you are not familiar with tantra,you might be surprised to learn that it has been practiced for at least 6,000 years. It is using your mind body connection to achieve the greatest and most long lasting sexual experience that is far and away anything you can imagine.

Tantra is also about time management and preparation. We work with very busy working moms, dads, and couples that are so stressed that they do not think they have any time for such wonderful sensual experiences,or the energy to even think about it. We can show you how to have this important time so you will not be part of the 50% divorce statistic.

If you are single, we can show you how to have a fulfilled experience without having to be in a relationship that is not good for you.

In our society sex has been made to be some how dirty or some sort of taboo. But at our office we understand that sex is a very large part of who we are as humans/ When we try to deprive ourselves when it comes to sex, we have all sorts of problems from mental to physical ailments. If you have a sexual experience where you are not completely satisfied, you will be more stressed out than when you started.

The first thing that is important to know is that it is not taboo. GREAT sex is something that we all need on a regular basis. Just look around at the world in which we live: a 50% rate of divorce, violence against one another, stressed out so much that we have to take pills, males with erectile dysfunction, females so unhappy that they are faking orgasms (which by the way is the worst thing that you could ever do).

If you are not being completely satisfied with your sexual experiences, call about our classes. We have classes for couples, females, and males. We also have one on one classes as well as group retreats. We teach you how to teach your partner to be a great lover,and how to please and be pleased.

No matter if you are in a marriage that is being harmed by a lack of great sexual release, or you are just inexperienced and want to learn to be a great lover, just call us. Even working moms who do not think that they have the time to set aside for themselves are very surprised how easy this is. All we ask is that you be open minded and look at this as a class to learn to improve your life, not as some taboo that you should be ashamed of.
This country has the highest teen pregnancy rate because we are sending the wrong messages to them. When you come in for a consultation, we will speak about the power of sexual energy. What other energy,when put in the proper place, can create life? It can also — when there is a lack of release — cause people to be over weight, drink to excess, use drugs, and much more.

When someone wants to sell you something they will most likely use sex in some form or fashion, just watch all the TV shows and commercials and count all the sexual situations and product placement. But there is a big difference between sex and making love. In biblical days,when you read and study original manuscripts you will find that it was common place to have man servants for the rich females, and just about all males with any amount of money had female concubines. It is recent man made rules put on the people of this planet that have blended these two acts.

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