Tantra Sessions

Tantra Sessions:

Each and every session is customized to meet your needs. We will first talk about what you are seeking, and together create intention. This is followed by a session that will meet all your needs both mentally and physically.

The following fee schedule is for spiritual guidance only. Any activity that would take place after the Spiritual guidance in our Tantra Temple would just be consenting adults helping each other learn about the physical part of Tantra. For this there is not a fee. We are open 6 days a week.  Due to energetic focus, all sessions commense in our office setting.

*NEW* ENERGETIC EXCHANGE: 1 hour mutual exchange of tantric energy $350.00

1 hour Spiritual Guidance: All About You: (recommended for first time clients or to learn a specific technique) with the practitioner. $250.00

1.5 hour Spiritual Guidance: Intimate session with a practitioner. This is for males or females and couples.  This guidance will explore the romantic very intimate side of Tantra and is $475.00. For couples $675.00

2 hour Spiritual Guidance: Deepest Relaxation: This session is for clients that are seeking a lifelong treat of connection and relaxation. The practitioner can assist in removing layers of stress and invoke a deep relaxation that can last for months. This session utilizes several modalities of energy on all levels, it reconnects the client with the divinity within themselves. $560.00

As always no tips or gratuity of any kind is allowed. If you desire spiritual guidance for longer sessions, OR IF MORE THAN ONE PRACTITIONER IS NEEDED IN THE SESSION, please call us at 1-704-771-2855 Open 6 days a week, by appointment only. All Credit Cards are accepted, a 10% service fee is added to your guidance session.


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