What To Expect

When you make an appointment, one of our Tantra practitioners will ascertain your need for Tantra. It could be for a physical sexual problem that you need help with, for you or your spouse. Or maybe you need to have a stress lowering session to help in overall health. Stress reduction can help lower blood pressure; help the heart, circulatory system, and many other benefits. You may desire Tantra because you or your spouse do not have enough experience with sex and do not know how to please each other.

Whatever your need we will be able to assist you through our Spiritual guidance. We only charge a fee for the Spiritual guidance in which the practitioner you choose, this can take anywhere from 10mins to 1 hour depending on your needs.  The practitioner will then ask if you wish to enter the temple.  We have designated the time in the temple to 1hr, 1.5 hr or 2 hours.  Where you would experience a disrobing ceremony, cleansing ceremony {shower with practitioner} then a very relaxing tantric touch from head to toe, the practitioner is there to serve you.  Any and all activity in the Tantra Temple is at no charge, no tip, and no fee of any kind. We only have a fee for the Spiritual Guidance , before entering the Sacred Temple. The Source has given us this knowledge to share to benefit the universe, to help one another. Any and all activity is just two consenting adults helping each other to have a better life through the practice of Tantra.

There is much to learn to become a more fullfilling lover, let us guide you. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK.  Call  704-771-2855 to schedule an appointment or to check availability email us at charlottetantra@yahoo.com 


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Namaste ~

A peak inside one of our temples


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