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Tantra Sessions
Here at Charlotte Tantra each and every session is customized to meet
your specific needs. During the spiritual guidance session we will
discuss what you would like to accomplish…this ensures the ability
to “turn on” your body’s most powerful centers of command…Mind,
Sexual Power, and Healing Energy.***Fee is for Spiritual Guidance ONLY!!***
Any activity that would take place in the Tantra Temple, after the
spiritual guidance, would be consenting adults helping each other
learn more about the physical part of Tantra…for this there is no
fee._________________OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK BY APPT ONLY______________
  •   1 hr.-1.5hr.  (ALL ABOUT YOU) Spiritual Guidance $250
    General stress relief, learn to gain control of your connection with the divine universe. Learn to have more powerful and mindful connections, this session is to learn to be the receiver and to let go of any negative energy (recommended for first time clients to become comfortable with this new experience).


  •   1 hr. (ENERGETIC EXCHANGE) Spiritual Guidance $350  Couples $550             (Potentially the next step in Tantric exploration, some folks never want to go beyond the All About You session) The Energetic Exchange facilitates you to learn new techniques to connect with your partner, may include Goddess worship.
  •   1.5 hr.-2 hr. (DEEP RELAXATION) Spiritual Guidance  $475  Couples $675
    This session will explore the more romantic side of tantra. Session may include eye gazing, cuddling, with more mutual touch. Open up your mind and your heart and body will connect and follow suit.
  • 2 hr.-2.5hr.  (DEEPER EXPLORATION) Spiritual Guidance $560 Couples $760

Experience 2 hours of euphoria with more time, the body opens up completely. True tantric exploration is about losing track of yourself and certainly of time itself. You will indulge in fresh fruit, sweets and a chilled beverage. All sessions include sacred ceremonies, to assist in relaxation and connection with the divine in each of us. Namaste.



_______As always NO TIPS  or GRATUITY of ANY KIND is allowed_______

Email us:
charlottetantra@yahoo.com          APPOINTMENT LINE ONLY (704)771-2855 

We respect your privacy so PLEASE respect our practitioners!! ANYONE who is disrespectful or rude will be asked to leave.


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